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6 Reasons to book a Caribbean Villa in 2018

Most visitors to the Caribbean stay at a hotel or an all-inclusive resort. However, an increasing number are now choosing to stay at private holiday homes or villas even. We have summed up the reasons why you might consider booking a lovely villa in the Caribbean. Specifically on Aruba, Bonaire or Curacao that is!


Villas can be found on some of the best and most sought after locations in the Caribbean. From sitting directly on a stunning stretch of beach, just steps from the ocean to perched on cliffsides with commanding views. For those who want to combine a vacation with sports, many villas are located directly on the fairways of professional golf courses or oceanfront with water sports on hand.


A major reason for choosing to stay in a villa is the privacy they offer guests. If you are someone who wants to escape the busy resorts, crowded beaches, and corridors of hotel rooms, private villas will offer the solution. Whether you are a couple seeking a romantic retreat, friends wanting a getaway or a family seeking quality time together a villa could be the answer to your prayers.


There can be no debate over the amount of space a villa offers versus that of a hotel room unless of course, you opt for a penthouse or presidential suite! Choose a villa with a bedroom for everyone and children will especially enjoy having their own space and not having to share with parents. Families traveling with nannies and grandparents often choose a villa with a separate wing or apartment to give additional privacy and space. The ample dining and living spaces, which are often outdoors in the Caribbean, will make meal and family time extra special.

Your own Pace

Villas often have their own staff who care for and maintain the property year round. They are there to ensure all basic needs are taken care of while also balancing the guests’ expectations for privacy. Depending on the villa, some will come with chefs included and you can pre-stock kitchens and bars or request specific meals in advance.

And best of all, it all happens at your pace, no need to worry about restaurant opening times or housekeeping knocking at the door because you forgot to hang the ‘do not disturb’ sign.

Amenities and Standards

Private villas are usually owned by individuals and families, and people enjoy the personal touches and surroundings that only a home can offer. There’s no cookie-cut hotel room design but instead the owners’ (and most often their interior designer) signature design. Enjoy the stunning architecture and relax in the beautifully and luxuriously decorated homes.

Villas are often filled with an array of books, music, and DVDs for you to enjoy and some even have their own cinemas. The amenities are also often far superior to a hotel. The majority of villas feature pools, entertainment rooms, multiple dining areas and beautifully manicured gardens. All for you!


Villas can seem expensive, and many people assume that staying in a private villa will cost more than booking a traditional hotel stay. But if you travel with a group or a large family, on a per person basis, villas are usually more affordable than more traditional stays. Rates are set for the entire villa or up to a maximum number of persons, and when divided amongst everyone, they present great value.


To find the ideal private villa for your vacation or honeymoon on Aruba, Bonaire or Curaçao, be sure to check out our offerings.


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