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Top reasons you shouldn’t book a hotel

Yes, let’s take a trip to the Caribbean! Book it now. What do you need to book?

Your plane tickets, a rental car and your stay of course. Let’s say you want to go to Aruba, Bonaire or Curaçao for a week or two with the family, meaning you and your partner and your 2 kids. You check online to book a hotel and you struggle to find something suitable for your family in your price range.

So what do you do to solve that little dilemma?  You book a villa or a holiday home!We have summed up all the reasons you shouldn’t book a hotel, but opt for a holiday rental instead.

We have summed up all the reasons you shouldn’t book a hotel, but opt for a holiday rental instead.

1. Costs

Any vacation with your family will cost you quite a bit of money. For an average family of 4, you’ll need 4 plane tickets to your destination, a rental car big enough for you and your luggage and of course your stay. Getting a family suite or 2 rooms will set you back quite a bit, so why not opt for a holiday home, that you can often rent at the same rate per night as one room in a decent hotel?

2. No room

If you spend any time in a hotel, you’ll know that the regular rooms are small and you’ll be hard pressed to fit all 4 of you in there. Choose a family suite, and subsequently spend more money, and you’ll have some room to hang out as a family. But it usually still isn’t a great option when the kids go to bed and you and your partner want to hang out.

You’ll also find that there usually isn’t a lot of room for your kids to play and run around. If you’re lucky there is a play room and a small playground.

With a holiday home, you’ll have all the amenities of home. You all have your own bedrooms, plus there is a kitchen, a private porch o, garden and a living room. Plenty of space for you all to do your thing.

When you are renting in a residential area, there are more than likely playgrounds and enough other kids around to play with.

3. You’ve got to eat

At the hotel, you can book your meals so you can have breakfast and dinner there. If it’s all inclusive you can even have your snacks and lunch there. But the meals at the hotel are at inflated rates. Usually at the same rates as going out for all your meals each day.

Eating out isn’t a bad thing, but you’ll also have to account for the pallets of your children and the amount of money you wish to spend on dining out.

Your safest bet will always be cooking most meals yourself. This will save you money and time and you can make exactly what you want to eat.

Though in a hotel you can’t cook for your family. Make them porridge, toast or eggs in the morning and making a packed lunch for your day at the beach. Choosing to rent a villa or holiday home does give you that option.

Does that mean you can’t eat out at all? No of course not. But now you can choose when you want to go and have a nice sit-down dinner while being waited on hand and foot and you don’t HAVE to do it every day.

4. Privacy

A hotel is everything but private. You eat with other people, you lounge with other people and you swim with other people. Having some quiet time is only reserved for your room. If you have to go back to your room every time you want some peace and quiet, it can get pretty small indeed.

In your own holiday home, you’ll have an entire house to yourself and nobody who is bugging you or putting their nose where it doesn’t belong.

Ah. bliss.

5. Noise

Hotels are usually pretty noisy as people can come and go as they please. Adding the entertainment most hotels offer a good nights sleep can be challenging, especially if you are a light sleeper.

In a rental home, you’ll have regular sounds. There may be the occasional party in the neighbourhood, but at least no strangers running past your room in the middle of the night and no loud music every night.


So in a nutshell, booking a vacation home is cheaper and more relaxed. On top of that, you have more space and you are more self-sufficient.

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