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Kite Surfing on the ABC islands

The ABC islands, located in the Caribbean Sea, are the perfect place for those who love water sports. Diving, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing and kite surfing are all available for you to have the adventure of your life in the ABC islands.

Kite surfing or kite boarding is a sport which gained popularity in the 1990s, being the fastest growing and the latest craze water sport in the world. The sport involves using a kite board and the power of a big controllable kite which will pull you across the water. You will have to control both the board and the kite at the same time. The kite can reach high speeds so the rider will be able to perform exhilarating and amazing stunts and jump very high.

Kites can be found in different sizes for various wind strengths. With a big kite you will be able to get going in as little as 10 knots, but with a smaller one you would sail in strong winds (35 knots and more). In its quite short history, kite surfing has evolved quickly, bringing together some of the most exciting components that belong to other extreme sports.

But don’t worry, the sport is become safer thanks to innovations in safety release systems, kite design and kite surf lessons offered by certified instructors.

Kite surfing Curacao

If you take kite surfing lessons in Curacao, NIX Kite School is one of your options. Nick is an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) kite surfing instructor who offers lessons with the 2015 Star kites Taina’s, which is very user-friendly and safe for both beginners and professionals.


Private Lesson (1 instructor, 1 student) Incl. Gear and Instructor – 2 h – $140

Semi-Private Lesson (1 instructor, 2 students) Incl. Gear and Instructor – 3h – $200

Package Private Lessons Incl. Gear and Instructor – 6/8 h – $380/$500

Package Semi-Private Lessons Incl. Gear and Instructor – 9/12 h – $560/$740

Kite surfing Bonaire

Kiteboarding Bonaire was opened in 2002 by Roan Jaspers, an adventurer and one of the first kite surfing instructors in Bonaire. Roan Jaspers was the one to pioneer kite surfing in Bonaire. The IKO certified kite school was the first one to be opened in Bonaire, and it has already guided numerous students into the secrets of kite boarding.


Intro basic (trainer kite, on the beach) – 1.5 h – $150

Intro plus (kite control, body dragging) – 3h – $225

Independent riding (kite control, body dragging, water start & riding) – 3×3 h – $610

Independent riding plus (kite control, body dragging, ride upwind & turning) – 5×3 h – $999

Kite surfing Aruba

Also founded in 2002 is the Aruba Kitesurfing School, which is a family owned business. The young and dynamic team consists of the best instructors on the island, with years of experience in this kite surfing. This is the first IKO certified kite surfing school in Aruba, who has the first IKO certified instructor on the island.


Beginner Package – 5 hrs – $275

4 Day Beginner Package – 8hrs – $400

Advanced Lessons – 2hrs – $120

Wave surfing – 3hrs – $150

Private lessons – $200

No matter if you just want to give windsurfing a try, or you are an accomplished windsurfer, the ABC islands offer trade winds, warm waters and numerous pristine locations to choose from. The perfect time for windsurfing is June and July, because the winds are at their most constant during these months. Summer is perfect for learning conditions. Each island has different winds, offering something for everyone. Give it a try and you will never want to get off the surfing board.




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