You are currently viewing 10 reasons to choose Aruba, Bonaire or Curacao for your family vacation

10 reasons to choose Aruba, Bonaire or Curacao for your family vacation

The beautiful ABC islands, Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao, are located off the coast of Venezuela.  They share West Indian heritage and Dutch colonial history and their location outside of the tropical hurricane belt makes them the perfect location for scuba divers, windsurfers, snowbirds, sub seekers and families looking for a great holiday.

Each island offers a unique experience to visitors, with terrains varying from pristine beaches to coral reefs, caves, and mountains.

Top 10 reasons why the ABC Islands are the perfect location for a family vacation

  1. Gorgeous blue ocean

You can dive or snorkel, but if you are traveling with small children the safest way to see the underwater world is in a submarine. Substation Curaçao has launched the Curasub, a mini-submarine for tourists which descends to unreachable depths for divers. You can admire shipwrecks, corals and colorful fish, all perfectly visible in the crystal clear waters.

  1. Road trip

The Curacao Island is not very large so that a road trip would be perfect for families. You can visit the numerous beaches on the island, the Shete Boka National Park, learn about the island’s history, search for wild flamingos on the old salt flats and see some local artists.

  1. Feed the ostrich

The Curaçao Ostrich Farm is the largest breeding facility outside of Africa. You can enjoy safari-style open-top bus tours to get a close-up view of the huge birds, pet them, feed them or even ride them!

  1. Meet and swim with the dolphins

The Curaçao Seaquarium is the largest aquarium in the Caribbean. You can see more than 400 marine species, such as sea lions, sharks, sea turtles and dolphins. Children can pet the dolphins, feed them and swim with them. There are various programs, for all ages, for those who want to swim with the dolphins.

  1. Feed the donkeys in the Donkey Sanctuary Aruba

The Donkey Sanctuary from Aruba is a non-profit organization with the purpose of saving the island’s donkeys, which use to be the only form of transportation on this island. Many of them are old, sick and injured and here at the Donkey Sanctuary Aruba, they receive shelter and proper care. Visitors are encouraged to feed them, so if you bring them some apples, you will make some friends for life.

  1. Arikok National Park Aruba

If you love animals, you will find plenty of them at the Arikok Nationalpark. You will see birds, goats, iguanas, donkeys, whiptail lizards, and parakeets, among others. You will explore the wildlife, the caves, the limestone cliffs and the sand dunes or you can admire the Amerindian art or the abandoned gold mines.

  1. Bon Bini Festival Aruba

Who can say no to good food, lively music, and happy people? Bon Bini, which means Welcome, is a wonderful tradition aimed at enthralling visitors into the island’s folk traditions with thrumming drums, colorful costumes, delicious drinks and tasty food.

  1. Washington Slagbaai National Park, Bonaire

The Washington Slagbaai National Park is a 13,500-acre desert oasis with about 200 different species of birds. The park also offers a variety of hiking trails for both amateurs and expert trekkers.

  1. Bonaire National Marine Park

The Marine Park is a 27-km² area which includes mangroves, sea grass, and the coral reef. This amazing park was established back in 1979.

  1. Caving in Bonaire

You can find more than 400 caves on Bonaire, most of which you can freely explore. You will see impressive stalactites and stalagmites, but also cave art and inscriptions drawn by early inhabitants.

These are only ten of the reasons for which the ABC islands are the perfect place for a family holiday. So pack your stuff and get ready for one of the most amazing experiences in your life!


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