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5 Reasons You Should Be Diving in Curaçao

All over the world, Bonaire is known as a diving destination. In fact many a year it has been voted the best diving destination in the Caribbean by readers of a diving magazine. But why should you consider going to Curaçao instead?

1. There are over 85 diving and snorkeling sites across the island

All these spots are located on the South side of the island and have great access. At most of these sites, you can just wade in from the shore and take a short swim and be right on top of the reef.  A perfect option for shore diving.

2. Bounty island Klein Curaçao with loads of sea turtles

Take a boat ride down to Curaçao’s own bounty island and you can experience the crystal clear blue waters of Klein Curaçao (Small Curaçao). In the waters around the island, you can spot turtles, sting rays, beautiful tropical fish and if you are really lucky a dolphin or a whale.

3. The diversity in dive sites

With so many dive and snorkel sites to choose from you can experience multiple different spots. From Mushroom Forest, to  Playa Kalki and Jan Thiel. All spots offer a different scenery.

4. Wreck Diving

Not only does Curaçao have a ship wreck you can dive, like Tugboat and Shipwreck Point, but you can also find a plane wreck at Santa Martha Bay and car wrecks near Vaerssenbaai.

5. The island itself

When you go on a diving holiday you cannot spend every minute of every day under water, though we wish we could. Curaçao has a lot to offer besides the under water world. So the final reason to pick Curaçao for your diving holiday is the island itself.

Whether you like fine dining or local cuisine, you cannot go wrong on Curaçao. For culture lovers, there are museums and local arts & crafts stores. And for those who love dancing, there are plenty of parties and happy hours with live music.

On your days of explore the island, climb Christoffel Mountain, watch the surf break on the coast in Boca Shete National Park or go to Jaanchi’s on Westpoint to taste the local specialty Iguana.


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